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Powdertech’s high-quality, cost-effective polyester tapes with silicone adhesive can be used in powder coating, wet coating and other applications where heat-resistant protection matters. The selection includes both transparent and green high-temperature tapes.

Our tape cutting machine enables the provision of fully customizable roll lengths free of additional costs. We also provide dot stickers and cut-to-shape tapes.

Material: polyester film and colored silicon adhesive

Properties include electrical insulation and resistance to high temperatures, radiation and solvents. The tape is easy to apply and remove without leaving adhesive stains. Suitable for high-temperature stoving of up to +200 °C (390 °F) in the application of, for example, varnishes and powder coatings. In addition, the tape can be used for electrical insulation in transformers, capacitors and other electrical appliances.

Material: Kapton, i.e. polyamide film, and silicone adhesive

The tape meets the requirements of even the most demanding environments: high heat resistance of 30 min at 260 °C (500 °F), electrical insulation, resistance to radiation and solvents. Applications include powder coating, insulation of electrical appliances, circuit board solder protection, transformer coils, fixed motor coils, outer insulation, etc.

Material: fiberglass-reinforced film and silicone adhesive

Excellent heat resistance, good adhesion and tear strength. Applications include high-strength special protection (Class H), heat-resistant protection and Li-battery insulation. The tape’s excellent properties are secured by the glass fabric material. The tape excels in high temperatures of up to +260 °C (500 °F) in, for example, powder coating, ventilation and electrical systems and applications of the automotive industry, etc. The tape is also available with two-sided adhesion. In that case, the silicone adhesive is combined with the protective film on both sides. Excellent heat resistance, easy to remove and good adhesion.