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Your trusted partner for powder coating solutions

In addition to powder coatings, Powdertech’s extensive product range covers powder coating equipment, including high-temperature tapes, coating protection products, suspension hooks and systems as well as products for the removal of lipids, adhesives and paints.

Powder coatings

Powdertech’s provision of the most extensive and competitive product range in the market is secured by cutting-edge manufacturers, Sherwin-Williams. In cooperation with the factories, we provide you with customized tones that are an exact match to your requirements!

Our stock has a wide range of RAL and RR tones as well as metallic, effect, anti-bacteria, heat-resistant, anti-graffiti, ESD, zinc and bonded coatings. We also have products customized to specific manufacturers, such as Valtra, Sandvik, Rocla, Utu, Merivaara, John Deere, Konecranes, ABB, Ikea, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, etc.

High-temperature tapes and coating protection products

Powdertech’s high-quality, cost-effective polyester tapes with silicone adhesive can be used in powder coating, wet coating and other applications where heat-resistant protection matters.

Our tape cutting machine enables the provision of fully customizable roll lengths free of additional costs.

Powdertech’s product range also includes dot stickers. Our green polyester tape withstands temperatures of over 200 °C (390 °F).

Suspension hooks and systems

We provide an extensive selection of suspension hooks in various sizes for powder coating, wet coating and other purposes.


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