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AVEHO Odor remover


The most innovative odor remover in the universe

What is Aveho™ odor removal technology?

Aveho odor removal technology is an engineered material consisting of micro-sized particles that capture and physically bind malodor-causing compounds or catalytically convert the odor molecules into smaller non-odorous molecules.

Sounds impressive huh? We thought so too. But the likely reality is, as long as it’s safe (and it is) nobody really cares what it is… just that it works (and it does)…

Ever walked into the bathroom and smelled “the previous occupant” along with some “sea breeze” or “tropical pina colada” mixed in? Not the best combination.

Aveho completely eliminates odors. It doesn’t cover, mask or try to overpower them with heavy perfumes or scents.

How does Aveho work?

If you REALLY want to know the magic of how Aveho works… then you have too much time on your hands.

Kidding! Think of it like this. Aveho is a spoiled kid, and odors are candy. Try as you might, you’re not getting any candy away from that kid. Similarly, once Aveho gets a hold of odors, they’re not getting away.

The more technical, albeit less amusing explanation is that the metal oxides of the Aveho technology latch on to the chemicals that create the malodors in the air and liquids. By doing so, they adsorb or catalytically convert these odor-causing chemicals, removing them from the atmosphere and eliminating the odors from your sense of smell.

If you want to get a REALLY technical explanation, then please visit Aveho homesite. It’s got diagrams of the actual Aveho particles and everything!

Key Advantages

  • Capable of removing target malodors, without affecting most desired fragrances (removes the bad stuff, not the good stuff).
  • Faster acting than activated carbon in some applications (Better than other stuff).
  • More capacity than activated carbon in most applications since Aveho does not absorb all odors, only the bad ones (better than other stuff… lasts a really long time).
  • Removes odors in air and liquids (um… removes odors in air and liquids).