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Contain sediment and oil pumped out during dewatering operations.

Draining swampy or low-lying areas is a common occurrence in construction. Unfortunately, pumping out the water from these areas also removes a lot of dirt, silt, mud and debris along with the water. These contaminants can cause problems if they are simply discharged into a storm drain. The Ultra-Dewatering Bag provides an economical and effective solution. By pumping water into the bag, contaminants are trapped and filtered so only water escapes to the ground below or nearby storm drains.

Key features:

  • Detains both oil and sediment, offering a combination of benefits not available in alternative dewatering bags.
  • Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Accommodates discharge hoses with diameters up to 10 cm (4″). Optional hose connector available – makes connecting and disconnecting dewatering bags quick and easy.