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Powdertech Ltd Oy

Powdertech Ltd Oy is a trailblazer of powder coatings and powder coating equipment. The Finnish Vantaa-based company was established in 2005 by Kari Uusitalo whose 30-year experience in powder coating solutions reaches back to 1990.

Uusitalo was involved in the companies Coating Line Oy and Wakarimasu Ltd Oy that imported Pulverlac SpA (later known as Rohm & Haas) powder coatings to the Finnish market. Uusimaa’s long-lasting collaboration partner, the ST Powder Coatings factory, was established in Italy in 2003 by Pulverlac’s experts. A few years later, Uusimaa’s Powdertech engaged in collaboration with Inver (currently Sherwin-Williams), another powder coating manufacturer.

The “one-man” company has grown into a team of nine experts, two of whom operate at Powdertech’s subsidiary in Tallinn, Estonia. Powdertech’s expert services, extensive product range and quick deliveries are ensured by our well-coordinated team, numerous suppliers and the company’s own stock in Vantaa. Tell us what you need, and we will make it happen!